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DMK Paramedical Treatments

The DMK Paramedical Treatments are for people who desire to achieve outstanding outcomes. Skin issues such as pigmentation, acne, open pores, scarring, etc., can all be addressed with specific therapies and treatment regimens.
There is no other skin care system on the planet that can match DMK’s results. DMK uses the Remove, Rebuild, Protect, and Maintain technique to work with the skin rather than just acting on it. We start by removing the dead skin cells and then replenish the remaining live cells with proteins, amino acids, and nutrients.
It is critical to protect the skin from external factors, particularly the sun and pollution, once it has been restored to a normal healthy state. We will continue supporting and maintaining your skin’s health by providing treatments targeted to your specific needs. Women and men of various ages can benefit from the treatments.



The DMK approach helps to rejuvenate aging and sun-damaged skin by removing and managing skin sensitivity and disorders. The DMK range’s botanical-based formulae contain a dynamic combination of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and plant-derived components that actively work to enhance skin health and appearance, restoring the skin’s natural balance on a deep level. A personalized treatment plan will be developed for each client’s unique needs. Consultation is necessary.


DMK Alkaline Wash Treatment

Alkaline Wash is intended to kill skin’s surface epidermal cells, dissolve hair, soften tissue, and aid in eliminating dead and dying skin cells. Our paramedical Aesthetician’s sequence of treatments produces a comparable result to a chemical peel without the stress of a controlled burn or the difficult recovery time associated with traditional medical peels. Exact outcomes cannot be guaranteed. The time span for achieving the best outcomes may vary.

DMK Skin Nutrition - Quick Peel

Lactic acid suspended in the methylcellulose base hydrolyzes superficial dead corners (cell build-up). Rubefacients in the recipe produce fictitious heat to flush surface toxins and widen capillaries.

DMK Pro-Alpha 1

Pro Alpha 1 is formulated to hydrolyze dead cell matter, bring water to the surface, dislodge and push sebum plugs to the surface, and boosting skin hydration. REBUILD your skin to its genetic potential by REMOVING and REBUILDING it. Pro Alpha Peel is the best option. This peel takes an aesthetic approach to skin restoration, restoring the skin’s health and encouraging it to perform as it did when it was younger. Your therapist will adjust the intensity of the mixture to fit your skin’s color, texture, sensitivity, and condition. Damaged skin tightens, lifts, and peels away in only ten days, revealing younger-looking, smoother, and better-functioning skin. In just ten days, you can look ten years younger!

DMK Signature Skin Treatment - Enzyme Masque 1

It is suitable for all skin types as it hydrolyzes the build-up of dead, superfluous cells. Reverse osmosis removes cell detritus such as toxins, oxidized waste, lipofuscin, and free radicals. It also benefits the skin through oxygenation, cell metabolism, and immunological function by creating a plasmatic influence on blood and lymph circulation, thereby enhancing the skin’s enzymatic activity. Collagen production is increased. Lastly, it also enhances the skin’s ability to perform at its best. Before making a reservation, you must first consult with us.

DMK Enzyme Masque 2 & 3 - Age Management & Pigment Balancing

Skin ailments such as muscle contraction, intrinsic and extrinsic aging, and inflammation are all treated. Plasmatic impact oxygenates the tissue, resulting in passive muscular contraction, which induces muscle regeneration. There will be no downtime.

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